Name that puppy


I have a confession to make. Lately I’ve had puppy fever. It must be something that hits when you’re no longer pushing out babies of your own, but you still want to cuddle something smaller than a seven year old. Whatever the reason, this week, we had a visit to the RSPCA (for the non-Aussies: Royal Society for the Protection and Care of Animals) and… came home with a puppy 24 hours later.

Environmentally Friendly Poster Paints

enviro kids paints

I don’t normally plug individual products on Mumatopia but am making an exception today as I am just so happy to have found some poster paints for the kids that are environmentally friendly. Enviro Kids Paints are made in Australia and are made from organic pigments and bio-degradable thickeners that are non-toxic and don’t harm the environment.

Motivating our children


It fascinates me that my very messy 10 year old can change his ways virtually over night with no effort on my part to cajole, bribe, or manipulate him into doing what I want him to do. Children are just as capable of finding that internal motivation as we are, so we need to allow them to do so.

Moorooka Chiropractic

Chiropractice Care

Did you know that Chiropractic care is beneficial for children as well as grownups? I started receiving chiropractic care a few years ago after battling constant headaches and soon after, started taking the kids along whenever they seemed out of sorts or had an illness. We have found chiropractic care particularly beneficial for our Autistic… [Continue Reading]

Gentle parenting support

gentle parenting support

Find your way in parenting and come to Gentle Parenting Support. We are a community support group created by local parents, for local parents in the Ipswich/Karana areas. This group is for similar minded parents practicing Gentle Parenting – raising our children with kindness and respect. With occasional topics on the same and natural family… [Continue Reading]

Recipe: Low-fat chocolate fudge cake


If you love chocolate but don’t like the calories that usually accompany chocolate cake, try this delicious recipe. It’s a great way to reduce your calorie intake while still enjoying a tempting treat. Plus, it is packed with fibre. a great choice if you’ve got fussy children. Be aware that these are likely to dissappear… [Continue Reading]

Therapy and Support Services for Children (TASSC)

child playing with trucks

TASSC is a fabulous service run through  West Moreton community health. It is usually the first port of call for parents who have concerns about their child’s development. You can self-refer to TASSC by phoning Ipswich Health Services on 07 3810 1111 and asking for information on TASSC. All therapy is provided to children through… [Continue Reading]

Mumatopia handmade

BW wrap large

Mumatopia’s Cas McCullough creates unique, handmade items with a focus on environmentally sustainable living and nurturing mums and mums-to-be. Cas lists her handmade products at and Her items are also sold in Handmade Heaven, located in The Old Flour Mill, Brisbane Road, Ipswich and she regularly attends local markets including The Handmade Expo… [Continue Reading]

Debbie’s Learn to Swim

debbie's learn to swim

Debbie’s Learn to Swim has been the hub for babies and children throughout the Karana Downs and Mount Crosby area for more than 5 years. Debbie has been a Karana Downs local for more than 20 years and has more than 11 years swim teaching experience. Debbie and her experienced team provide excellence in swimming… [Continue Reading]